Will & Trust Litigators - Missouri, Illinois, California

While the loss of a loved one is a difficult experience, it becomes even more complicated when there is a dispute over the estate. At The Law Firm of Michael T. George, P.C. in St. Louis, we provide our clients with thorough and aggressive representation. We work tirelessly to resolve disputes in an efficient manner that protects the best interests of our clients.

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Exploring Your Will Contest Options

If you are involved in a challenge to a will, a strong litigator can help you pursue your rights and resolve your case efficiently. Will contests may arise over many types of disagreements, including but not limited to claims of:

  • Undue influence on the testator
  • Incapacity of the testator
  • Errors by the personal representative in administering the will

At The Law Firm of Michael T. George, P.C., we have experience representing the interests of either the beneficiaries or the personal representatives in will contests. Sometimes, beneficiaries may seek to have a later will thrown out and instead have an earlier version of the will prevail. In other cases, parties may disagree whether time expended or expenses recorded by the personal administrator are necessary to administer the will. We have the extensive litigation experience you need, whatever your priorities in the will contest. We will keep you fully informed and engaged in your case from start to finish.

Aggressive Trust Litigation

Trust litigation usually stems from challenges made to a trust or a request to modify a trust. Challenges to a trust are frequently made on the following grounds:

  • Undue influence on the grantor or settler
  • Incapacity of the grantor or settler
  • Fraud
  • Duress
  • Up-dealing by the trustee

In these cases, beneficiaries may seek an accounting of the expenditures or to upset or modify the trust in attempt to receive what they would have been awarded in probate or under an earlier instrument. We have extensive litigation experience with the following types of trusts:

  • Qualified terminal interest property trust (QTIP)
  • Generational skipping trust (GST)
  • Living trust
  • Testamentary trust

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